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Additional Charge Notification For Parcel Monkey Shipment

Parcel Monkey (Shipper):

Following information provided by our courier partner we have made an additional charge of $7.47 to your original payment method. Please find attached the invoice for the additional charge.  Details of the additional charges are shown on your Parcel Monkey account.

Outdoorstirfry to Customer:

This is something we wanted to avoid.   A company comes back to charge more would not win another business.   Their reason of charging more is that the dimension was not correct.  However we have been using the same box in last 16 years.    The dimension can’t be wrong.

Customer (PF13L160, UK):

That seems underhand to levy that charge retrospectively after accepting the shipment from you.  I’m happy to pay the additional fees – you went above and beyond to organise the cheaper shipping in the first place.  I still have the box in case it needs any verification, though I won’t be at home for a week or so to check, but as you mention, you know the sizes of your packages anyway.

Please just let me know and I can Paypal you the additional funds.  P.S. Burner is great – serious power and the US adaptor does fit, it’s a little lose but if tightened up hard then it anchors securely in our UK propane valves.  All the best.


Thanks for your good words on the stove.   Outdoorstirfry should pay the lesson in my opinion as you suggested a new way to ship.   There is mostly some unheard risk.  But this is worthwhile.   The best part is that we have a happy customer.