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Question on seasoning the wok


I seasoned my wok and as a final step I cooked an onion in my wok to remove any metallic taste. When I did this brown splotchy grease stains were created all around the top of the wok. They are slightly raised up and are very sticky. Any tips on removing them and then preventing them from happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Splotchy blobs probably need to be soaked and scratched off.   After that you can season the wok again.

We cook our life time with wok.   And we notice that top of wok tends to form such splotchy grease because the top of wok seldom is subject to direct flame yet has the right temperature to form grease balls.  This is similar to grease hardening on an oven pan if not cleaned right away when still hot.   If you clean after every cooking, it should be an easier task.  Hope this helps.