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Questions on installing PowerFlamer Propane 160 stove

Customer (PF13L160):

Thank you for the fast service.  I just put the stove together tonight and I have 5 questions.

  1. The burner cover/wok support is loose, is that the way it is supposed to be?
  2. Instruction #9:  “Before turning on the top propane top valve, make sure the stove brass vales are off.”  Is the “top propane top valve” the same as when I turn on the propane gas supply from the tank?
  3. Instruction #11:  “To adjust air-gas mixture for correct flame, rotate the air shutter right beside the left and right copper valves.”  I have attached a picture of me pointing to what I think is the air shutter.  Is that correct?  Do I turn counter clockwise if I need to correct it or just kind of play it by ear?
  4. Instruction #12:  “The stem (if there is any) on top of the high pressure regulator is for adjusting the gas pressure to the stove.”  I don’t think this applied to the newer model you sent right?  I understand the instructions consist of different models.
  5. Is the stem on the bottom of the picture placed correctly?  I have placed it in the middle.  It was off to the side before.


  1.  The wok adaptor ring can be turned any position on top of the wind guard such that flame blocking side (1/4 of the ring) is aligned with your wok long handle, to prevent your hand burnt by flame.
  2. Top propane top valve is the top propane tank valve.  Sorry for the typo.
  3. The wheel you point to is the air/fuel mixing wheel.  Adjust it to give strongest flame while maintaining full circle of flame on the burner.  Your wheel position looks about right.
  4. The regulator with this stove does not have a stem to adjust.
  5. The pilot tube is best to be at the center.

Please remember to turn off the propane tank top valve after cooking such that the regulator does not to withstand the tank pressure all the time.  Bests.


Sorry but can you clarify what the top propane tank valve is?  Is that the piece (black color) where I screw into the propane tank?

You mentioned to turn off the propane tank top valve after cooking such that the regulator does not to withstand the tank pressure all the time.  Does this mean I should unscrew it from the tank when I am done cooking?  Thank you so much!


Top propane tank valve is below (picture).

After cooking, you can keep the connection as long as you turn off this top propane tank valve.


Got it.  Thank you for clarifying with the picture.

We couldn’t get the long legs to attached to the stove with the screw.  It’s still pretty loose.  I don’t think it’s supposed to be loose.  Is there a trick to getting it tight?  Thank you.


The way we get the screw to tighten to the burner base plate short legs:

  1.  Flip the burner upside down without the wok adaptor ring such that the burner base plate legs are facing upward.
  2. With the long leg and its adaptor attached to each other tightly already, insert the long adaptor open end to the burner base plate short leg.
  3. Arrange the long leg to give the widest base which will result in the long leg adaptor screw facing the flat area of the burner base plate short leg.
  4. Use a flat screw driver to tight the long leg adaptor screw toward the burner base plate short leg flat area, as tight as you do.

This should result in the most stable legs.   Let us know any further question.


Thank you for those directions.  If I was to just use the work burner by itself (short leg), can I set it on a table or something?  It looks like I can but I was worry the fire might go down that way.


Yes you can use the short leg version on a table, preferably non-combustible material.   Flame should not go downward with the wok adaptor ring on top giving flame to come along the bottom of the wok.  However we recommend the stove on top of stone/metal table.