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Question on stove adapter


I was wondering if you have a recommendation for an adapter to fit on the stove opening to make it smaller to accommodate using a 12” frying pan with the stove?

Also, the wind guard included with the stove blocks only one area to shield the heat from the user’s hand. Wouldn’t it be better to have the high side on the entire ring? this would also help with wind guard. 


You can try to sit your 12” pan directly on the stove to see how stable it is.  The wok ring adaptor has ears going inward and downward, it might be able to accommodate your 12” well enough.  

Only ¼ side of the wok ring adaptor has high wall such that flame can still come out through the top.   If we completely close the wok ring with high wall, the wok will close the gap which will push the flame downward.  This is an unintended air flow and is not desirable.