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Burner Problem

Customer (PF13L160EI):

Hi!  We purchased the power flamer burner.  It is very nice, but there is a problem.

The problem is that the pilot light flame is HUGE, even when the gas is turned down.  There seems to be no way to make the pilot light small.  The problem gets worse when you turn the flame up.  Here is a picture of me(white hair) and my son(a professional chef) using the burner.  As you can see the flame from the pilot completely overwhelms the normal blue cooking flame.

Can you exchange the current regulator for one that has fine control, but NO pilot?  I don’t even need the electronic ignition.  But I can’t easily cook with the pilot flame so large.

I await your reply.  Thank you!  We love your videos and are sure that things can be fixed.


You have a stove with an electronic ignition.   The electronic ignition head can’t be treated as a pilot light as the electronic ignition wire has rubber insulation and the insulation will melt if you keep the flame on the ignition pipe.  So after igniting the main burner, the electronic ignition flame should be turned off.   It has its own knob.  I’m sure you know how to turn it off.


(I don’t see well so I made bigger font, not yelling)

Sorry!  I did not see how the pilot could be be turned off.  I see it now.  Thank you for your kind comment.  Best wishes and many thanks.


You are welcome.   I made the font big for you as well.   I remember your wife mentioned this to me before.