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Differences from IRFS003 from Thunder Group

Inquiry:  What are the differences between your stove and Thunder Group IRFS003 stove?


IT was good to discuss with you a moment ago.  I look at Thunder Group IRFS003 at   Construction wise it is quite similar to our PF13S160 stove.  Our PF13S160 stove has quite a few improvements on top of IRFS003:


  1. PF13S160 has stainless braided hose. This removes possibility of mouse/rat/squirrel chewing on a rubber/plastic hose.   This also prevents sun light direct on rubber/plastic hose which accelerates deteriorating of rubber/plastic material.
  2. PF13S160 has ACME type I QCC propane connector. ACME type 1 QCC connector is the same as your grill and should work better than a POL connector in a IRFS003..
  3. PF13S160’s burner is an integral piece. The top burner piece will never get lost in case you need to move the stove.
  4. PF13S160 has a spider guard. This alleviates chances of any spider building spider net within the burner.  Spider net makes the burner misbehave (yellow flame, not powerful etc).
  5. PF13S160 is constructed such that it can be easily extended with long legs. You don’t need this one from our discussion.


Let us know if you have further question.