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Buying experience from one customer


I am interested in this Power Flamer 16- with electronic ignition, and want the MOST RECENT model with the improvements. I had ordered this
product through Amazon, but it never got delivered even after repeated requests to track the package. How long will this take to ship to zip
code 78414?


Ever since our new generation arrived, we never have time to deal with Amazon.  So Amazon’s stock on our product should remain at zero.  This means that if you order on amazon, we will never get any request from amazon to ship.   I search our order queue,  you are not in our order list.   If you order not, lead time to ship is 30 days.  It takes 4~5 business days to ship to Texas.
Hope we answer your question.
Customer (PF13L160EI):

Hello,  Yes, I originally ordered this Power Flamer 160 EI from Amazon on January 13, 2021, but never got the order even after repeated delivery updates, and never knew that you do not deal with Amazon any longer.
It is now March 7, 2021.
This is not my fault that I never received your Power Flamer 160 EI from Amazon, and I was waiting every day for it to arrive.  I was given several update messages that delivery would be delayed but  never told that it would NEVER be delivered to me.
I should have been informed when I submitted the first order to Amazon that I would NOT be delivered and wasted more than a month of my waiting for it to arrive.
So now I ordered it again directly from your website and now have to wait more than another month to get it.
Can I be put at the top of the list because of this?  Thank you,
We were out of stock since 11/2020.  You probably ordered on Amazon from another seller.  Amazon allows multiple sellers on one listing.  Can you send us your Amazon purchase receipt for us to take a look?
I ordered this on January 13, 2021, and never knew that Amazon did not have it any longer.  Here is my order details (receipt).

Customer (PF13L160EI):

Hello,  I put in an order for the Power Flamer 160 with Electronic ignition.  I hope that this order will be delivered quickly because I have heard that other orders never got delivered.   I hope that my order is legitimate and accurate.
You must have bought it from a seller hfgxus.   Hfgxus is based in China.   Amazon allows other sellers to sell our stove product if the seller claims so.   Unfortunately it never delivers.  Fortunately you got your money back.

I ordered this from Amazon because I read from you that your new product was not available directly, and had hoped that Amazon would cover me if there were any problems with seller, which did happen, because Amazon guarantees good customer service and refund if any problems with order.  I waited a long time for your product.
It seems that you do, too, and am satisfied that you are responsive to my requests and communications.
I had no idea that this company  hfgxus  would not deliver the product.
I am very happy to deal with you directly.
We see your order of 3/5.   It will be another couple weeks before we get to yours.  We will email when ship.

Thank  you, I would like to get this as quickly as possible.  Please package this properly so that it does not arrive damaged.  I was hoping to put a good rating for you on your website if you allow it, otherwise I will do it publicly, perhaps through Facebook..  Do you plan to sell though Amazon, or only direct?  Either way, I will give you a good rating though some source, even on Facebook.   Thank you!

We are lagging behind not having facebook and tweeters.   After receiving the stove, you can write to us about all this experience starting from Amazon purchase to from us after receiving the stove.   Then we can combine all our conversation to put on our website anonymously.   Of course you are welcome to put it anywhere including facebook.

We had a dispute with Amazon in January on that Amazon encourages sellers like hfgxus to sell on our product page.   We are extremely discouraged to list there so far.   We will re-consider in the future.

Thank you,  I am very supportive of your position with Amazon allowing the seller hfgxus to continue to sell though their website , all you wanted to do was to have a great product at a fair price sold and supported honestly and correctly.  And all I wanted was to get your stove as soon as possible, honestly.
I will do everything I can to give you good product and customer service ratings everywhere that I can because you have  earned it though great customer relations and service, and I can see that others are happy with you.
If I would have known back in early January that Amazon was not being honest with me, I would have ONLY ordered your great product though your website directly, but I thought  that I would get the product faster through Amazon because of a previous message that the stoves with not be available on your website until later in January or February.
I am very happy and satisfied that you did things correctly and well.    Thank you once again.

I received the wok burner by UpS, thank you very much for your fast service!  I have not opened the box yet, but will do that Thursday and set it up completely.  Very happy with your service!

Yes, everything was intact in the shipping box.    I set up the 160 EI and have two questions….
First, since I have the 160 EI version is the pilot tube supposed to be so far back from the burner?   It seems to be back at the outer most ring, and I cannot move it forward any more and do not want to break anything…There is what appears to be a grooved rest closer to the burner ring…is the EI tube supposed to rest on that?
Second, I want to use a 90 degree elbow Flare connecter at the burner assembly and wonder what size thread size to use?  Is it 3/8 or 1/2 inch? Thanks, looking forward to cooking my first stir fry!

For the 1st item, can you send us a picture on what you are talking about?   2nd item, it is 3/8”.


Good morning, Very happy with your 160 Wok burner,  cooked my first meal, loved how it turned out.Thank you for getting back to me, here are photos explaining my question about the position of the electric spark generator.

I wanted to confirm that the fittings are 3/8 so that I purchase the correct ones.  Thank you for everything, you have been wonderful in every way!

The electronic ignition unit is positioned outside of the wind guard to prevent too much heat on the electric wire insulation.   When it ignites, it shoot out a flame that is long enough to reach the main burner.

Glad that you satisfy with the outcome of your dish.


Based on what you wrote to me about the wind guard and the igniter,  I will position the igniter a little bit further outside the bowl so it is barely inside the  the external bowl. I had no problems with my first cooking experience with the spark igniter. I read your previous comments about not burning the wires on the igniter. Your customer service is outstanding, and I will go back to Amazon and complement you as the inventor and developer of this wok burner with outstanding customer service, even if you’re selling it through a new distributor , so should I recommend that they go directly with or continue to buy it through Amazon?


Hello!  After using your outstanding Power Flamer 160 for several months, I am extremely pleased to give it and you a fantastic positive review because of how good the product is, and especially how you, Dong,  have provided great customer service and guidance during and after the entire ordering and delivery process. It arrived very safe in good packaging and I set it up with no problems but did send you a couple of questions that you answered immediately.  The Power Flamer is very easy to use, and if any potential user has any doubts as to how it works and of the quality, rest assured that this is a wonderful well designed and manufactured quality product that puts out high heat (160 BTU  Plus) and I am very glad that I purchased this from Dong who has been very helpful and communicative, responding to me immediately, the same day.  I am also complementing you on getting this Power Flamer to me very quickly, and I recommend that everyone go directly to the website and submit the order there.  Once you get your delivery you will be very glad that you ordered from Dong. I highly recommend this!
Please publish on your website and feel free to contact me at any time.