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Pilot issue

Customer (PF13L160):

Good afternoon, I have received my wok and have made delicious stir fry with it already. One issue though, the pilot light knob is very sensitive and I can essentially only do very high or off. It also gets adjusted higher just from shaking the wok stand.   It’s very hard to use otherwise.   Any help?


Your dishes in your pictures look very delicious.   Sorry for the pilot knob issue.   The 2nd video on this link shows how to light the pilot flame.  After that please adjust it to about 1 inch in length.   It is sensitive under windy condition.

At home we are using similar stove 5~6 generation earlier.   My wife never bothers to light the pilot flame.   She is used to light the burner from the long nose BBQ ignitor and keeps cooking until done.   Cooking for a meal for family of 4 usually takes 5~10 minutes.