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Why does your website not having address or a contact phone number?


Why does your website not having address or a contact phone number?  Makes someone uneasy about ordering from the site.  We had ordered this item through Amazon and it never came. Had to cancel order.   Where do you get these from ?    It says 58 available.   What is the shipping and handling to South Carolina Thank you.


We purposely don’t put address and phone number on our web site because of so many spams around.   The only way to contact us is through our contact us form.

We used to sell on Amazon.  November last year (11/2020) we ran out of stock.  Amazon encourages other sellers, like hfgxus, to sell on our product link (the so-called Amazon catalog).   You must have bought from this seller instead of from us (outdoorstirfry).   Because of this Amazon practice, we had a big dispute with Amazon and so far are extremely discouraged to start with Amazon again.   We had other customer experiencing the same thing as yours through Amazon.   You are not alone, tricked by Amazon’s tactics.   Fortunately you get your money back.

We get stove parts from Asia and here locally USA.  We custom build to each order here in USA.  This is why our lead time is long, 30 days from order to ship.   Shipping to SC is $38 for a box of about 25lbs, size 24x14x10.