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Can the stainless stove stand be used with a long leg PowerFlamer propane 16 stove?

Customer (PF13L160EI)

Can the Stainless Stove Stand available on your website store be used with the burner PF13L160EI I purchased? Is there an opening on the top surface that you insert the burner into (with the legs off)?  Are the short legs basically the 3 little stubs on bottom of the burner unit?


When you remove the long legs, the stove becomes a short leg version.  It can be inserted to the stove stand.   The stove stand has a top opening to insert a short leg PowerFlamer propane 160 stove.  The stove stand on itself is quite light weight, using it with a short leg version stove does not improve entire stove system stability much as compared with a long leg stove with stabilizers.  However you can put heavy objects like bricks, concrete block on to the stove stand lower shelf to improve its stability.