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Differences of 160EI and 160IEI and Stand Question


I see the FAQ about the differences of 160EI and 160IEI. Other than the separate knobs, is one system more reliable than the other or lower maintenance? If the electronic ignition has issues, are there parts to replace? Is there any warranty on the wok burners?

I am interested in the steel stand, but see it is currently out of stock. How does the powerflamer 160 mounted/secured to the stand?


Both systems should have about the same reliability and maintenance.   Some people prefer integrated knob control while others prefer separate control.   Since the IEI ignition has a cover, the cover can protect better the ignition section to be damaged in case the stove falls.   If the electronic ignition has issue, its entire assembly will need to be replaced entirely.  We support our customers on whatever problem they are facing.  However, we don’t offer any warranty.

On how to use the stand, you can look at the “Usage Examples” section of the product web page.

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Can the stainless stove stand be used with a long leg PowerFlamer propane 16 stove?

Customer (PF13L160EI)

Can the Stainless Stove Stand available on your website store be used with the burner PF13L160EI I purchased? Is there an opening on the top surface that you insert the burner into (with the legs off)?  Are the short legs basically the 3 little stubs on bottom of the burner unit?


When you remove the long legs, the stove becomes a short leg version.  It can be inserted to the stove stand.   The stove stand has a top opening to insert a short leg PowerFlamer propane 160 stove.  The stove stand on itself is quite light weight, using it with a short leg version stove does not improve entire stove system stability much as compared with a long leg stove with stabilizers.  However you can put heavy objects like bricks, concrete block on to the stove stand lower shelf to improve its stability.