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Some questions on stand and PowerFlamer stoves.


Hello,  Please help me understand some things.  To build a complete working set up. For example a power burner 160 with short legs( maybe none).

Does this burner fit into and sit atop of the stainless cart ( if wheels were included)?

Also the 160 has the two ring burner right? A inner and a larger outer circular flame?

Also with both models whether electronic ignition or manual the pilot light once ignited is always available to engage the burner as needed?

Just trying to understand everything.

I’ve dreamed about something like this since the late 80’s.    Thanks for your response


Only our PowerFlamer propane 160 short leg stoves can sit on the stainless stand.  Stand wheel is an option you can order.   Our standard 5B burner has 2 rings of flames, both are circular with outer larger flame.   The manual stove has a pilot flame which can stay lit during cooking.   The electronic version has an electronic ignition.  The electronic ignition flame needs to be turned off to protect its wire insulation after igniting the main burner.