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Questions on electronic ignition options, stand and cover.


Hi, I’ve seen many people on YouTube cook with your burner and it looks to be the best for outside wok cooking. I have a few questions.

The difference between regular one and integrated electronic ignition is just the auto starter right or are there more differences? Do both have pilot flame for low heat cooking times?

I really like the stove stand, I assume that fits your burners perfectly right, just put them in and be done?

What are the stabilizers and curious what color the stove cover is? If I get the stove stand do you have cover for that as well?

Thanks very excited to have found you guys will do some videos on Facebook and probably get you more customers


  1. For difference between EI and IEI options, please read  Electronic ignition can’t serve as pilot flame.  Only our manual ignition option has a built-in pilot flame.
  2. Our PowerFlamer propane 160 short leg stove can drop onto the top hole on the stand. 
  3. Please click on “Usage Example” on the product page to see how stabilizers are used for more stable legs.  
  4. Please click on “Usage Examples” on the stand product page to see 2 colors examples. 


Thank you for quick response!  So if I want the stove stand and don’t care about using a lighter to initially light it I want the PowerFlamer Propane 160 with short legs and manual ignition?  Since I will have stand won’t need stabilizers correct?

For stand if I get wheels they can be locked it looks like in picture.

Will be ordering today just want to get exactly what I need.  Very excited to get your product and do proper wok cooking!  Right now even when wok is 585 degrees it falls to 180 the sec cold chicken or meat hit pan!  I end up cooking food with steam and not the searing hot pan I want/need!  🙂  I don’t think people realize they NEED your product!


  1. Your selection of short leg manual stove is correct for stand.
  2. The stand wheels have lock.  The stand is not that stable either when considering how people do their wok tossing, please click on “Usage Examples” on the stand product page to see pictures of heavy objects on the stand lower shelf for more stable cooking.
  3. Please watch 2nd video “How to know when to stop increasing power to a PowerFlamer propane/natural gas 160/120 stove?”  on our product documentation page when increasing the stove power flame. 


Was going to order but a little nervous about comment about stability of stand.  Can propane fit under the burner to give it more weight?  How heavy is burner?  I think my wife would complain if I put bricks on it, maybe I could put some of our cast iron pans we keep inside on it they’re quite heavy.  I could cook with a big cast iron pan on this as well if I want to do seared steaks or smash burgers right?

I have a pit boss flat top grill I plan to get rid of and focus on wok and cast iron pan cooking on your device hopefully.  I want the functionality with something that looks nice so wife doesn’t complain all the time.  🙂


The height between two shelves of the stand does not fit a propane tank if you consider height of stove coming down from the top shelf hole.   A short leg PowerFlamer propane stove has weight about 23lbs. 

If your and wife’s wok cooking does not involve much wok tossing which can carry an edge of the stove which in turn affects the stand, you don’t have to worry much about the stability.   We are user to the stove with long legs ourselves for last 20 years.   We don’t have any stabilizers since our cooking style does not involve tossing.  Even if we toss (a few times in last 20 years), we make sure to lift the entire wok out of stove not to affect the stove.