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Electronic ignition head can’t strike a flame.

Outdoorstirfry (EF13SQN50WG):   

An EasyFlamer EF13SQN50WG stove has been deposited with  It takes 2~3 business days to reach your address.   The tracking number is ????.

Attached in this email is the user installation guide.   When we test the stove before shipping, it takes 7~8 electronic strikes to have one successful.  So please have a manual long nose BBQ igniter handy.  Procedure on manual ignition can be found on page 3, item 15.   Bests.


So you’re telling me that the igniter is not working ? and just use a lighter ? Is there any advice that would make the igniter efficient so I can use it conveniently?

GOD Bless us all !!!


On our product page, we mention this problem for this series of stoves as below:

 EasyFlamer Natural Gas Stove: The stoves are of cast iron. The single burner has two venturi pipes, four flame rings. We have installed spider guard between the ignition head and the venturi pipes in an effort to deter spider web build up. Spider web can slow or even block gas delivery along the pipes to the burner. This usually causes yellow flame at the burner or even gas burning close to ignition head area. It eventually shortens the stove life. A picture of spider guard is here. The power of the stoves is between ~5kBTU/Hr and ~23kBTU/Hr. The stoves are adapted for natural gas use based upon requests from our customers for their outdoor high power cooking. They can not be used with propane gas. Behind the front power adjusting knob and under the burner pipe and front cover there is an electronic ignition valve assembly. The electronic ignition function is not reliable and its ability to ignite can vary from unit to unit and under different weather conditions. We advise to always have a manual BBQ long nose igniter handy when the electronic ignition function is not working. Please be aware that this product shipped from us may not have a functioning electronic ignition. In this case the stove is functioning as a manual one. /p>


The problem is actually associated with every electronic ignition gas stove.   We are accustomed to one successful strike if we get a flame within 3 tries.  Then we are fed up after #4 try.   In fact in my home I even have a manual long nose BBQ igniter beside my indoor gas range because one of the electronic “smart” ignition keeps trying but fails to ignite a flame.   On our web page we no longer sell this series of stove as electronic ignition type as we can’t guarantee them to work within 3~4 strikes.  Hope this makes sense.


I got you point with regards to your product but don’t generalized stoves as having ignition problems, mine doesn’t have. I bought this because, my burner on the side of my outdoor griller doesn’t fit my wok and frying pans and since I have a natural gas line in my backyard patio this item is the only one that fits. I can live with the long nose lighter but I hope this product will last long. 


The ignition problem is what we notice.   The rest of the stove should last quite long time.  We are always here to help in case you have any question or problem.