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How do I connect the regulator to my propane tank?


I received my 13″ 130K btu electronic ignition propane burner today, thank you for the prompt shipping.

How do I connect the regulator to my propane tank?  Your regulator connector looks somewhat like this:

POL Connector

Every American style regulator I’ve ever seen looks like this:

Black Tank  Outer Connector

See the black coupler?   This is required to connect a regulator to any typical American propane tank.

Your online tutorials suggest that some units come with a brass adaptor, but none came with my unit.   What solution do you propose?


The 20lb propane tank here in US has two threads, one outside that your black coupler can screw in clock-wise, another inside the tank copper connector that our stove regulator connector can screw in counter-clockwise.   We keep the counter-clockwise connector to be consistent worldwide since we sell worldwide.  The outer threads and black connector are only used in North America.

Item 9 of attached user installation guide also discuss further hints on connecting to a propane tank.


I have another question. I attempted to connect your regulator to my propane tank the way you suggested in your last email.

I had no trouble screwing in the fitting counter-clockwise, however no gas would flow. I verified that there was gas in the tank, and the gas was turned on all the way. I tried turning the regulator screw all the way clockwise (which I assume is fully on based on your documentation and my knowledge of how needle valves work for CO2).

Looking at the inner fittings it doesn’t look like your regulator will mate with the inside of my tank fitting. I see in your product pictorial help files examples where this setup is connected and works, but on mine it does not.

Additionally, I ordered a 130k btu/hr unit which you would define as high power. You mention here:

that high power units will include a regulator with an additional valve which my regulator does not have.

Are you sure you sent the correct regulator? Mine clearly reads LP, when the whole point of your setup is high pressure, no?

Please advise!


  1.  Please read attached installation guide page 2 item 9.  After tighten the regulator connector counter-clockwise into the tank fully by hand, turn on the tank valve, if there is not gas yet, please use wrench to further tighten.   Before we ship, we test the stove with our tank and it worked well.
  2. Please restore the level on top of the regulator to its original place.  This does not need to be touched.
  3. Some of our earlier high pressure stoves had an additional shut-off valve.  Your stove does not need one.  The front knob in front of the stove is the additional one already.
  4. LP stands for liquid propane.  Your stove uses high pressure gas from the tank regulated by the regulator.

Let me know if this improves and get you gas out to the stove.