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I want to know what size propane tank this wok cooker requires, how much it is and if it will work on the outdoor patio if we have some wind?

Customer Questions: Please respond to my previous email. I would very much like to buy a wok stove from you. Are you still in business??????
Answer: We are sorry that we did not see your other email.   Can you re-send?   We are active in business.

Questions:  I want to know what size propane tank this wok cooker requires, how much it is and if it will work on the outdoor patio if we have some wind?  Our
climate can be rather windy at times. How long after I buy it will I receive it and how do you ship it? Are they already built or do you only build to order? I am quite anxious to get one. I am asssuming my 14 in carbon steel wok will work well on this stove! How does one order and pay?  Do you have a phone number? Do you take credit cards?  I am very suspicious as I have had some bad dealings with internet purchases. I live in California; do you pay the shipping?

Outdoorstirfry Answers:

1.  Our propane stoves work with 20lb propane tank;
2.  We have a lot of products at Please click on what interests you.  There is price along each stove.
3.  We sell stoves with wind guard also.
4.  Since you are in California, it will take 2~3 business days after we ship to get to you.
5.  It typically takes 2 days to process your order once you place the order.
6.  Your 14″ wok should work with our stoves.
7.  To order, you click on “Add to Cart” Button beside the stove description.  This leads you to a paypal secure web page.   You pay there and we will get notice of your order.  This paypal web page can take credit card.
8.  My phone is xxx-xxx-xxxxx.   We don’t take credit card number directly from you.
9.  You pay the shipping together in paypal web page.

Customer Questions: Thanks so much for your prompt response. I am thinking I should buy the  PF13L160.

I am not sure about continuous or adjustable heat; can you explain further. I will purchase today.  Thanks for your help and I hope I am happy with this.

My husband and I are retired and we are both very fond of Chinese food and chinese cooking. Because my indoor stove is always a mess I began to search for an outdoor wok stove.

I bought the Eastman Big Kahuna last year and it is like rubbing two rocks together for heat; not nearly high enough to do good Chinese food.Then I found one called Rambo that is manufactured in Austrailia but it is way too expensive to have it shipped to the USA. So I was thrilled to find your wok stove on the internet and feel positive about it.

We are both retired and my only worry is the sturdiness of the legs; however I don’t have an appropriate table for the short legged model. If we should find one downline, is it easy to convert to cook on the table?

I know I have lots of questions, but I don’t want to make another mistake. Thanks so much for your help!

Outdoorstirfry Answers:  You can continuously adjust the heat of PF13L160 from 0 to its maximum.   This is important for home cooking with different people’s cooking speed/cuisine etc.   This long leg version is quite sturdy.  When you find your table, you can simply unscrew the long legs off to convert to a short leg version.



Outdoorstirfry Question: How does the stove work out for you?

Customer Answers:

The wok is wonderful to cook on and we really love the high heat it puts out. Unfortunately I do not believe it is very stable and it take two of us to stir fry as the legs wobble (on flat cement patio). My husband bought some rubber tips for the legs and that help a great deal but he is going to have to do something to make it more secure. We had a wonderful dinner from the wok last night and hope to have many more. I belong to several cooking groups and blogs and would be happy to recommend this wok to other members as I know many of them would like to find something that cooks sufficiently hot. On the other hand, if I post on their website, I will express my concern about the stability issue. So shall I share my wonderful find or would you prefer I not post about it at this time?

Thanks for the follow-up and we wish you much success.

Outdoorstirfry answers:

Nice to get your feedback and glad that the stove has enough power for your cooking.

We wish that the stove long legs can be spread out a bit further for better stability.  This will be taken care of in our next design cycle.   In the meanwhile if you have a table, you can take off the long legs and put the stove on the table.   This should solve your problem.

We realize that you might use tossing technique during your cooking.  This is often demonstrated in cooking show and used extensively in restaurant cooking to save time.  However in normal household cooking, cleanness is much more important than speed.  So tossing is seldom used and thus enables much light weighted cookware.

You are welcome to express your opinion in anywhere, to share with your friends.  After all this is a free country.  But just to assure you, we are doing our best within our reach.  Bests.

Customer question:

After I posted on Facebook yesterday, this is a comment I received from someone on the list I participate in about Stir Fry.  What do you have to say about this? “Please be careful with these guys. The connectors they use are not u.s standard meaning all gas connectors here must be crimped to spec. For pressure. From the pictures I saw it looks like they are regular hose clamps. Dont know if they are safe not saying they are not just be careful.”

Outdoorstirfry answer:

Nice to get your further question.   We have been selling high power stoves for outdoor usage for over 12 years now.  Every hose clamp is done consistently and leak checked before shipping.   Although we use material made outside of USA, we do add engineering quality work here in USA.   And as everybody agrees, none of the fire generating stove is safe in nature.  Operator (the Cook in this case) has to be acute in detecting any leak and take action accordingly in case the leak happens.   We do have customer finding leak in hose after about 1 year usage and we had helped them solve appropriately.

Can you ask xxx further where and what U.S. standard or specs the hose clamp needs to follow?