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How much is the custom and duty to UK?


Jacob, United Kingdom(4 PF9L130)
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How much is the custom and duty to UK?  Do you need to change the propane connector at a local store?  Does the original tank connector work with your propane tank?


As you know the stoves were for my wedding which went really well and the chefs really admires your stoves. Since then I have been on honeymoon and have only just returned. To answer your questions, I cannot remember exactly the cost of the duty but from memory it was about £30 ($45). This is for the four stoves I bought which were in one parcel. I am not sure if you would need to pay the same for just one stove or a quarter the amount. I suspect it should be worked out on the value of the package and therefore should be a quarter. I did have a problem with the valve connector as it would not fit UK propane cylinders. I found a company called gaslow who managed to provide me with an adaptor which also had the benefit of including a gauge for indicating the gas left in the bottle. This cost about £25 ($38) per stove. You can find a link to their website: 

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