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The propane connector fits a standard UK propane tank.


James, United Kingdom(PF15CL130EI)
The propane connector fits a standard UK propane tank.  One part of the connector assembly is not required, however, and must be unscrewed first.  I assume this redundant part is an adapter required for tanks in the USA.  I use a 20kg tank supplied by FloGas.
I have not had any difficulty setting up and using the burner.  I had it functioning well shortly after taking delivery and have used it many times since.
Many thanks to you for your excellent product.
Our Answer (if any): Your ordered a PF15CL130EI configurable stove.  The stove was shipped with a connector installed for connecting to a 1lb throw away propane bottle (like the camping bottle as in this picture ).  You are right, unscrewing it will expose the connector which you use for a 20lbs propane tank.