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I bought this out door stir fry natural gas type 2 years ago when my relatives visiting from China. It used to have very big flames …

Iris G (WI, EF11SN50WG):  I bought this out door stir fry natural gas type 2 years ago when my relatives visiting from China. It used to have very big flames, actually too much. But after 2 years, when I tried to use it, I found its out ring refuse to give any flame- only the inner ring has flames.

The flames are not enough for a proper stir fry. I tried to fix it by cleaning the holes which turned to be rusty, but it’s not helpful so far.

Can I know your support phone number to call in for trouble shooting?  Or you can call me at xxx-xxx-xx59

Outdoorstirfry:  Do you know what stove you bought?  A few pictures around the stove should tell us a lot.

Iris:  Thank you for calling me back!

I’ve tried to clean the stove top many times. Still it’s very difficult to light it up.  If the problem stays, I’ll have to send it to you. I’ll give it another try tomorrow.

Outdoorstirfry:  You can send it back to:

(address of

Please only ship back the stove and use ground shipment. You can keep the wind guard.

Iris: I tried to disconnect the gas hose from the stove, but it won’t come off. Can you guide me how to disconnect the gas hose from the wall?  Should I send the stove with the hose on? Then I need to try to disconnect the hose from the wall instead of from the stove?

Thank you for the guide. I managed to disconnect the hose from the wall. I’m not sure if I should send the whole thing back to you. I mean the connector is like this photo. Should I just wrap it and send over with the stove?

Iris Hose

Outdoorstirfry:  Iris, please send with Fedex.

Iris:  Thank you for guiding me through this. I’m waiting for a good outdoor Stirfry again!  Please do send me the hose with the connector(the Plummer bought it for me) back!

Have you received the stove? What’s the problem? When can you send it back?

Outdoorstirfry:  We received your stove.  There are a couple places blocked by spider web.   We clean them out and now it is functioning.

Iris:  Where were the spider webs? I mean I tried to use a metal wire to clean the channels so many times. How can’t I clean them out? Do you have a tool for me for future use, since spiders are common here?

I never think of the spider webs can block the gas?! Only think of the rust were causing The blockage.


1.  One orifice is blocked.  This orifice was giving gas to the bigger ring, corresponding to what you said in our phone conversation.  The pilot pipe was also blocked by spider web.

2.  The ignition wire insulation is worn.  We put electrical tape around it.

3.  We replace the hose.

4.  the picture shows the fully functioning stove.

Iris Stove Repaired

5.  We took off your pipe connector from the hose.  At home, you can assemble the pipe connector to your gas pipe first before connecting up the hose.  This should be the easiest.