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I purchased a wok burner from you a couple of years ago. It just died on me mid stir fry. There is plenty of propane and I am livid.

Russell M (PF13L130EI):  I purchased a wok burner from you a couple of years ago. It just died on me mid stir fry. There is plenty of propane and I am livid. What is wrong with this thing? I am beside myself right now. I only eat stir fry and now my food source is gone. I need support, and was really expecting to find a phone number…. but there doesn’t seem to be one.  So here I sit, waiting for an email I assume. MY phone number is xxx-xxx-xxx4 if you are interested. Thanks, I believe it is a PF13CS130EI

Outdoorstirfry: Please send the pictures to me.

Russel M:  Thanks very much for the phone call and the help. Here are the pictures you asked for. I think if you don’t see anything else wrong, I’d like to get a new regulator from you. Just tell me how much and how to purchase it and I’ll be happy to do so. I will of course in the meantime get a new hose clamp and nurse this until then.

Outdoorstirfry:  The new regulator with us looks exactly the same as the one you have.   So before we proceed too deep into replacing the regulator for you, let us do couple more things:

1.  loose the nut on the regulator stem, then turn the stem clockwise 3 threads more into the regulator.   Turn on the stove, please let me know if the pressure of the flame from the stove burner is higher (more heat).

2.  Turn off the stove.  Unscrew the regulator from the tank.  Take a picture of the regulator connector to the tank.  Send it to me.  I would like to confirm that it is a flat type.

Russel M:  I turned the stem three more threads into the regulator and didn’t notice any real difference in pressure. It may have been a bit higher, but it’s hard to say for sure. Also here is the close-up of the fitting of the regulator.

If your new regulator doesn’t have the same tightening problem as this one obviously does, then it would be worthwhile as it really shouldn’t require a plumber’s wrench to tighten this that much for it to function properly.

Every other propane device I’ve ever used only requires it to be tightened by hand to work fine.

Outdoorstirfry:  If you take a look at attached our new regulator, the only difference between yours and the new one is the rubber piece.   The rubber piece from the new one has cone shape while yours is flat.   I should be able to send you this cone shape rubber piece once I come back end of the week.  Can you send your shipping address?

Russel M:  I appreciate you taking the time to help me resolve this. I did my stir fry tonight and all went well. I replaced both hose clamps so it should be fine until I get the rubber piece from you. If you want some money for the rubber piece, let me know.

Again, thanks very much for all your help. I do appreciate it. I hope you have a nice trip to Asia.

Outdoorstirfry: A cone rubber piece is put in the mail.  You might get in next week.

Russel M: Got the rubber cone piece