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I had read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune about people including stir fry stations on their decks.

Name: Joe, San Diego
Comment from Joseph, San Diego

I am not a customer yet, but I hope to be one soon.  Your PowerFlamer looks awesome!

 I was looking through your customer feedback, and saw a letter from Ashu in Boston who had questions about how to get fire and that smoky flavor. You seemed to be unable to answer his question, so I would like to offer my advice, since these are things I achieve very consistently.

 I stir fry at least 5 times a week.  I use a well-seasoned, 16 inch, hand-hammered carbon steel wok.  I purchased my wok from a vendor in San Francisco ‘s China Town , who claims that she sells this exact wok to many of the restaurants there.  I also use a nice wok stove I bought from her, although it is only a mere 32,000 BTU instead of the 130,000 BTU PowerFlamer (I hope to upgrade to the PowerFlamer very soon!).  Nevertheless, the bottom of my wok glows RED HOT within 30 seconds.

 In my experience, massive heat + too much oil will give you fire.  Sometimes I add too much oil at the beginning and get a little fire, but it soon goes out as the oil cooks away.  One time, however, I added extra oil at the end and got another fire.  Though I am somewhat experienced and my fires are controllable, I prefer to avoid fires for safety reasons; I do not wish to burn down my apartment building.  But I might play with fire if I was in a place where that was not a concern.

 About the smoky flavor (is this the ‘wok hee?’):  I think it’s the wok (plus a lot of heat).  My theory is that the smoky flavor comes from the very hot oil — not only the oil that you add at the beginning, but also the cooked-on oil that comprises the wok’s seasoning.  I know you recommend a stainless steel wok, but I tell you that I have no trouble keeping my carbon steel wok clean and seasoned (does a stainless wok even HAVE a seasoning?).  When I put my wok on the fire, it starts smoking immediately.  Adding a little oil makes a  LOT of smoke.  Sometimes I can’t even see the food in the bottom of the wok because there’s so much smoke.  Believe me, that smoky flavor is a BEAUTIFUL THING!

 Happy wokking!

 Joseph Spacone

San Diego , CA

Feedback: I had read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune about people including stir fry stations on their decks, and I became pretty interested because of a new found love for stir fry (I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and was just recently exposed to authentic stir fry). I did some pretty intense searching on the web to find an appropriate outdoor burner that would work with a gas connection that we have on our patio. I prefer to grill with charcoal, but I felt bad about wasting that connection. I could have kicked myself when I finally stumbled upon your website. The website’s name summed up exactly what I needed but I had been all around it for a couple days.

 I love that I can hook it up to my gas connection. Love the power and ease of use. Easy to maintain. Sometimes the ignition takes a couple tries or I end up using a lighter. A more reliable ignition would be a recommended design feature. I also recommend carrying a grill cover designed to fit the assembled burner.

Once a week. Friday has become stir fry day, and it is pretty popular with my friends. No concerns. It’s quick to get set up and going. I leave it assembled on the porch under a modified generic grill cover.

I am extremely pleased with how the stir fry has been going. I’ve taken two classes locally (one Thai, one “generic” stir fry) and everyone raves about the results. The food tastes great, is fresh, healthy; I’m amazed to think that it’s all so easy. I’ve been slow to expand from my core of five recipes, but that’s my own fault.

My only other recommendation stems from some initial trepidation about making the purchase. The pictures of the EasyFlamer that I purchased weren’t as helpful as I would have liked, and caused a little confusion. The heights available are listed, but I guess I’m better with pictures. I was concerned that the one I purchased wouldn’t be high enough (it’s fine) because of the angle of the picture on the website. I think it would be extremely helpful to include a perspective type photo of the grills next to something (like a person) for better height and overall size perspective.

Thanks again for bringing the wonderful world of stir fry to our porch!

Our Answer (if any): For covering the EasyFlamer stove outside, we recommend to use the wok upside down on top of the stove burner.  Additionally, You might want to look at the picture on row #15 of the installation guide.  If you close the air shutters toward the gas pipes of the stove, it would be easier to ignite.