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I purchased the outdoor stove with you sometime ago.

Name: Ashu
Feedback: I purchased the outdoor stove with you sometime ago.  I have used it multiple times with the throwaway propane bottles, and it worked just fine. However I am not able to connect it to the 20lbs propane tank. The end of the stove fits well with the propane bottles, but it doesn’t connect to the tank. Can you please suggesta way to connect it to the propane tank?
Our Answer (if any):
You must have bought a configurable stove.  You can detach the throwaway bottle connector by screwing it (it is shown on the picture on page 1 of attached installation guide, also on the web SetupConfigurableStove).  Once unscrewed, the remaining connector is for 20 lbs propane tank connection.  You can put the throwaway bottle connector back if you like to use bottle again.  
Feedback: Thank you so much for your mail. It was very well explained and illustrated.
It was relief to know that the stove was configurable. Thanks for keeping that in mind while designing this stove.