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I have to tell you this is an amazing beast!

Petr (PF13L160EI, Cezch Republic):

Hi,  the stove already arrived and I have to tell you this is an amazing beast! It seems it is even too powerful for my wok. I was wondering if there is any way how to reduce the max power and perhaps have more possibilities to adjust lower heat? I can adjust it easily when burning at high heat, but the adjustment of low heat is not very precise. Now, if I want to use low heat, the flame is so weak that it will often go out. Is it possible to change the air to gas ratio to achieve this? Or the high pressure regulator on the hose? I was thinking about modifying the burner so it has less holes for gas in it, but this is probably a crazy modification.  Other than that I am very happy with it.


Thanks for the feedback.   If you need to lower down maximum heat, you can turn the level on top of the regulator counter-clockwise.    The stove has the big wind guard/wok support, it should protect the flame well enough from the wind.   But if the wind at your place is gusting, it is tough.  Your other two ways of adjustment are not good.  Let us know how it goes.


Thanks,  I will try it. By the way, what is the purpose of the gas/air mixture and the air regulator? Wy is air mixed with the gas?


The air/fuel mixture wheel attempts to mix fuel/air to different ratio to adjust to blue flame, optimum burning.   Fuel always needs to be mixed with oxygen from air in order to burn.