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I haven’t received the stove though the tracking # says delivered 7-15.


William Rankin, Luisiana (EF11SN50WG)

I haven’t received the stove though the tracking # says delivered 7-15. They might have delivered to wrong address.  the fedex tracking # is  xxxxxxxx xxxx2216 and the paypal transaction # is  xxxxxxxxxxxx49661R
Here is my address and its the same as listed with fedex

Our Answer (if any):
Sorry to hear that you have not seen the package.  We did not require signature to ease the delivery.  I’m wondering how to get hold of the fedex delivery person to ask where he put it on that day.  IF you know how to trace down that person, please do so.  Otherwise we will have to do it on our end.  I’m sure that you already search where Fedex usualy places around your address.
In the case that we can’t locate that package, we will have to ship another one to you.  And we will require signature by that time.  Let’s try to find the locae fedex delivery person first. 

If it is “delivered” like they say, it is not here. I have no idea how to find the delivery person. Please keep me informed. Thanks .. William Rankin

Our Answer (if any):
We just checked with Fedex.  The driver did deliver to a wrong address.  He went back up to retrieve the package.  Now the fedex station has the package.  He will deliver it next Tuesday.  I gave your phone number to them and ask them to pass on to the driver in case he is not sure your address again on 7-19.
I also tried to call you.  But there is nobody and no answering machine.

Believe it or not, the guy just delivered it at 8:45pm CST! Thanks for the quick responses. I hope it works as well as your customer service. Thanks again!

Our Answer (if any): Wow, We should and will keep using their service.  Have a good rest of weekend.