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I received my PowerFlamer and am very happy with it.


Oregon (PF13S130 + CarbonSteelWokSet + Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor FBCA_PF13)
I received my PowerFlamer and am very happy with it.  So happy, in fact, that I ended up constructing an outdoor kitchen for it.  Now I am smoking, spattering, bubbling, frying,charring, stirring, brimstoning, wokking hai, wokking low…  That is, I am finally able to use a wok as it was meant to be used, thanks to your fine product.You must know what you are doing with a wok.  Do you ever give any wok cooking classes?

Thank you, Will

Our Answer (if any):

Thank you very much for so positive feedback.  I’m the cook in my home and I grew up in south China where stir frying is the main cooking method.  I agree that there are specific cooking techniques for such high power stove and a systematic way is the fastest for people to learn.  Unfortunately it takes time to develop.  If you figure something up and like to contribute, we can post your video/photos on our web site.