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I’ve cooked in it 3 times, and it works wonderfully.


Julie, AZ (EF13SN50WG + 3/8 Quick Connect)

I’ve cooked in it 3 times, and it works wonderfully. I even cooked right before a storm, and the wind guard was able to protect the flame. It feels very natural to be cooking outside on a wok. Quick questions:

I have been igniting the flame with a hand-held BBQ lighter because the stove would not light up on its own, but I could hear the gas flowing. Is this normal?

Where can I buy that rubber gas hose, in case I need to replace it in the future?

For increased safety, I have been closing the gas valve after I turn off the stove. Do you do this too?

Our Answer (if any):

Thanks for liking the stove.  So the quick connector on your pipe must be 3/8″.

 1.  The igniter coming along with the stove is not very good.  Using a BBQ igniter is the way around the problem.  Once you turn and release the knob, the gas should come through the main pipes but not the pilot pipe.  So you should be fine.

 2.  The rubber hose is 3/8″.  We do not have it as a separate item for sale.  So far we have not heard from any single customer about buying a replacement rubber hose.  But in case you need one, we have to look around.  Local hardware store might have hose suitable for propane which should also works for natural gas.

 3.  Closing the gas valve on the main gas pipe is what we recommend after cooking.


When I am cooking, I pretend that I’m a hardworking cook on the streets of Taiwan. Cooking outside with loud noises and high heat, with people walking by.  I know… I am very bored, but I love the stove!