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Missing Part Replacement

Customer (PF13L160): 

Hi there, I have one of your PF13L160 that I have been using for many years. We recently moved, and it seems that I have misplaced the small metal ring that sits atop the center of the burner to disperse the flame. Is it possible to get a replacement for this part? Without it, the flames are rising very high up the side of my wok.  Thanks!


To make sure we understand fully and we will do our best to find you a compatible part, can you send a picture of your burner remain?


Hi, Please find a picture attached.


Thank you for the picture.   A picture is more than a thousand words, I have to admit.   You still have the center piece of the burner, except that it is now upside down in the picture.   Flip it upside down, you should be good to go.  

I notice that your wok support adaptor has a crack, you can do a spot welding if it start to bother the wok cooking. 

Let us know any further question.