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My propane burner’s flame no longer turns up to a high flame

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

My propane burner will only produce a moderate flame now. At first, I thought that my propane was getting low, so I had the tank topped off, but that didn’t help. Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong and how I could fix the burner?  Thank-you.


 Our latest regulator has a leak protection feature that may limit gas flow once it detects leak.   Can you send a picture of your regulator to confirm?  Before you turn on the propane tank valve, you should turn off all stove side valves such that the regulator detects no leak.  

 If your regulator is a bit older, then it might be another problem.   A picture of your regulator is the 1st step to diagnosis.


The pictures are attached. Thank-you for looking into this.


You have our latest regulator.  It has leak protection feature.   Attached is the user installation guide.  Page 4 item 8 talks about this new regulator.   The basic steps to turn on the stove are:

  1. Close all stove valves, both left and right valves, tightly;
  2. Turn on the tank valve on top of the tank;
  3. You should hear a clicking sound from the regulator right away when you turn on the tank valve;
  4. After a while, usually between 10 seconds to 1 minute, you should hear another clicking sound from the regulator.   This indicates that the leak check is complete and it is giving full pressure out.  
  5. You can ignite the stove now.

The 2nd clicking sound is usually not as loud as the first one.  If you don’t hear the 2nd clicking sound, you should be able to hear hissing sound from the hose to the stove.  Identify the leak and fix it.   Usually it is just one valve not closed. 

Let me know if this is able to get you going.


Thank-you. Your instructions worked very well. My burner works great now!