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No gas flow


The hose connection would not fit on the American Gas 15 Lb. bottle bought from Home Depot.
I purchased an adaptor from Home Depot which I can return.
The first time I used it, it was perfect. The next day there was hardly enough gas to light the pilot, and then none.
Here is a photo of the propane bottle, the medium regulator, and the adaptor hose that will fit the bottle. Also, for reference, my receipt.

1lb_adaptor 2015-3-11 Regulator_1lb_adaptor 2015-3-11 Tank 2015-3-11

please advise.


I left a voicemail.   Please unscrew the brass piece (adaptor) from the red regulator.   Once done, you can screw the red regulator directly into the tank inlet.  Attached installation guide step 4 (on page 1) also talks about this.   In case you need further assistance, please call me.


Following your suggestions, I unscrewed the adaptor and screwed the regulator directly into the tank as shown in this photo. Then I opened the valves on the tank and the stove. There is no gas flow.

In one of your voice mails, which I appreciated, you mentioned the adjustment valve on the regulator. Undoubtedly it has been moved although I do not know which direction.

In addition, it would be helpful, although not absolutely essential, to have the hose 4 or 5 feet longer. Home Depot said they do not have hose or tubing to accomplish a splice. Do you have any?

Please advise me how to proceed from this point.

Direct_connection_1 2015-3-11


There are still a couple things we can check:

Let the system as is, do you hear the gas coming out of the tank when you turn the valve on top of the tank open (counter clockwise)?    This gas coming out is indicated by a brief hissing sound toward the regulator from the tank.

If you are not sure that you hear this hissing sound, turn the tank valve closed again (clockwise).  Then unscrew the red regulator from the tank.  This allows the pressure within the red regulator to drop.   Screw the red regulator into the tank again.   This needs to be tight enough to push another valve inside the tank to open.   Step #7 on page 2 in attached user guide shows using a plumbing wrench to further tighten if hand tight is not sufficient.   Re-do the hissing sound test.

Once you have the hissing sound from tank to regulator, you can try the stove.


Things look good.

Note: Step 7 on page 2 is NOT applicable because there is no Hex copper fitting. It has now been removed. There is only the red faucet-like handle that is a part of the regulator. It is very, very difficult to tighten sufficiently. However, once I tightened it with difficulty, the stove worked.

There seems to be an adequate amount of gas reaching the stove although I do not know whether the regulator is properly set.

Essentially your advice solved the problem.

Additional note: Instruction 1 is incorrect. The hose is NOT ready to be attached to a 20 lb propane tank because there is a copper fitting that must be removed (perhaps as stated in step 4). Also, first time purchasers may not be aware that they have a ‘configurable version’ or what the term really means. Thus it was unclear that the copper fitting needed to be removed before the regulator could be attached to the tank.

If there exists a regulator that has a real Hex fitting rather than the faucet-like handle, I would like to have one. Everyone would find it much easier to tighten correctly because a wrench could be used.

On the whole, you communicated in a professional, efficient manner that makes me delighted to have purchased this product.

Direct_connection_2 2015-3-11


Glad that you solve the problem.

In step 7 we specify a plumbing wrench.  The wrench should be able to open wide enough to grab on the hand wheel on the red regulator.  We have also made a video “How to Connect Outdoorstirfry Stove Connector to Propane Tank?” using hand only movement.  It is the first video on

We agree with you that the 1lb propane adaptor should not be attached to the red regulator since most customers use the 20lb tank. Our shipping will take care of this one.

Your regulator stem is not that far off.  However if you need full power of the stove, the regulator stem should be adjusted (screw further in in your case) such that you only see 2~3 lines of threads on top of the locking nut.  The locking nut should be screwed down to be flushed with the red regulator body.


Attached picture shows the height of the thread of the red regulator stem.


Thank you.

The stove worked so well tonight that I plan to leave things the way they are for the time being.

If your company ever needs a recommendation or review, count on me. I will write one for you.

All the best.