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It appears I am having the same issue as a few others.


The burner worked great the first day I used it.  Second day there was no gas coming to the burner.  I disconnected and reconnected several times.  On one connect it did let out a little gas, but not enough to light.  I then could get not get the gas to come back.  I finally adjusted the regulator several times trying different turns of the  adjuster, connecting and disconnecting but could not get any gas.  I made sure the connection was tighter than the first day.  I used a different burner and it worked so I know it is not the tank.  Any ideas what I should do?  Also, I have no problem going out and buying a different regulator if you can tell me the specifications on what I would need to buy or recommend one.  Very please with it.  Thank you.


This is caused by the regulator not pushing the tank internal valve open enough.   A propane tank typically has one internal valve and a hand valve on top of the tank.  These two valves are in series.  If one is closed, there is no gas out from the tank.  The tank internal valve can only be pushed open by appliance regulator connector.  If the regulator pushes the tank internal valve open, you should be able hear a hissing sound when you turn on the tank top hand valve.

If you do not hear the hissing sound when you turn on the tank top valve, there are two methods:

  1. Step 7 on page 2 of attached user guide shows to use a plumbing wrench to further tighten the regulator connector into the tank via the regulator hand wheel.  or
  2. We have also made a video “How to Connect Outdoorstirfry Stove Connector to Propane Tank?” using hand only movement.  It is the first video on

Let us know if this helps.


Thank you, that did the trick.  Not sure why I could hand tighten the first time and not any longer.  Using the regulator as shown did the trick.  Thank you again