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Stove not getting any gas

Customer:   After using these for a few months, they refuse to light.  It seems like the valve stop working.  Can you please provide any advice?

Outdoorstirfry:  Can you use a manual BBQ ignitor to light up the stove?   The electronic ignition head may not give spark anymore due to dirt or leaking path from high voltage wire to the metal body.

Customer:  I tried all that.  I connect the fitting to the gas bottle…and remove the hose feeding to the stove and still no gas I am really disappointing in the make of this stove.

Outdoorstirfry:  I might have read the problem wrong.  When you press in and turn on the knob of the stove, do you hear gas coming out?

Customer:  No..gas is not flowing beyond the valve


Now we need to figure out if the blue regulator receives gas out from your tank.

  1. Unscrew the blue regulator out of the propane tank
  2. Wait for half hour to let any leftover gas inside the regulator to release itself
  3. Screw the blue regulator into the propane tank again.   Look at the first video “How to Connect Outdoorstirfry Stove Connector to Propane Tank?” on this page
  4. You can turn on the propane tank valve.  At this time, you should hear one hissing sound from tank to fill the regulator, indicating the gas comes out of the tank.
  5. Ignite the stove as usual.

Let me know how it goes.

Customer:  I tried what you outline below and still not able to get the stove to lit. I also use different propane tanks and same issue.  Those propane works well with other outdoor stove I  which rule out this being a propane tank issue.  Both stove which I brought from you have the same issue.

Outdoorstirfry:   After you screw back the regulator connector into the tank and turn on the tank top valve, were you able to hear a hissing sound?   Hearing the hissing sound is very important.  If you hear it, it means that the tank gas is able to come out to the regulator OK.  Then we will look into the gas path from hose to stove.  If you do not hear the hissing sound, it is the connection between regulator and the tank.  We will need to solve this part.

Customer:   I connect the fitting to the gas tank and when I turn on the gas, I don’t hear any hiss sound.   My cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx


Thx for your voicemail and I just left a voicemail.  There are still a couple things we can try to get the gas flow from the tank:

  1.  Attached PDF guide step 7 on page talks about using a plumbing wrench to further tighten the regulator connector toward and into the tank inlet.
  2. We also have a video on  The title is “Connecting POL to tank” and it is the first video on the page.  This video shows how to use two hands to further tighten the regulator into the tank.  You can try this before using plumbing wrench.

Please give above two methods a try to let us know how it goes.

Customer:  I received both regulators today and hooked it up. Works like a charm.  What the diff between the two colors?

Outdoorstirfry:   Glad that it works.   They are the same in term of performance.  The one we asked you to use first has a better rubber nose to push open the tank valve.