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Stove has arrived and works fine


Thank you. I am very excited to get my stove and start to learn to stir fry. I chose your stove over others because of its design, power, and apparent quality. Looking forward to it.


Thx for choosing our stove.  Can you share links of the other stoves you have looked at before choosing ours?


Just thought you would want to know that my stove arrived today after an epic journey across the US. Every day it was about two states further east than the day before. Amazing to watch the journey.

It arrived in perfect condition and I set it up on my deck for a test run. The great thing was that, from your video, I was already aware of the common problem with getting the connection tight enough. I used your tightening technique and it worked properly the first time. I could also anticipate the correct hissing sound, the burner sound, and the pilot light sound, all of which looked and sounded EXACTLY like yours in the video, which I found comforting. I don’t think I quite have the pilot light trick down yet (turning the main jet off while maintaining the pilot), but that will come with practice. I may have had the pilot down too low.

I will season my wok (Christmas present) this Saturday when I have more time. I ordered Chosen Foods oil (one avocado and one safflower) that will arrive later in the week.

You asked about other outdoor stir fry options I considered. The first was the Rambo High Pressure wok burner (made in Australia, I believe) that still looks like a good product. It just wasn’t available here. Then I started a quest and looked at several, the most appealing being the Big Kahuna (Eastman Outdoors), but product reviews were mixed. It comes as a 22-inch (!) wok set– a burner, wok, long legs. People were saying it was way too much wok and not really a powerful enough burner, susceptible to wind flame outs, etc. In Googling around, I found your site and was intrigued. When the newer stove came out it was a lock.

Good doing business with you.


Good to get your email.  You are our first customer letting us know monitoring the shipment daily.   Thanks a lot for sharing what you have looked for before settling down on our stove.   I appreciate and agree with your insight into wok cooking – having a 22” wok will miss mobility of the wok, namely tossing and tilting.   Outdoor cooking also is better off with wind guard.