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Questions on electronic ignitor head and wok adaptor ring

Customer (PF13CL160EI): 

Thanks. I received the package, put everything together and am excited to start using it. I just had a few quick questions. 

1) In the manual you sent, I saw that there were installation instructions for leg stabilizers, but none were included in the box. Do these need to be purchased separately?

2) Based on the FAQ and other comments that I’ve read, it is my understanding that the piezo electric ignitor cannot be used as a pilot light because the wire will melt. If the ignitor ultimately fails or the wires melt at some point, can I continue to use the valve manually by lighting it with a match or lighter? Under these circumstances, could I then use it as a pilot light and leave it on while cooking?

3) The materials included a base (where flame comes out and the legs are attached), as well as a ring that appears like it should be placed on top of the base. The instructions do not mention this top ring piece. My guess is that the wok sits inside this ring (as my 14″ wok appears to fit inside this perfectly). Is this something that is necessary to use when cooking? If removed, can one cook on the base directly (presumably with a bigger wok)?

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Very good questions.

  1. The stabilizers are optional and need to be purchase separately.  
  2. You are right.  If the piezoelectric ignitor fails, you can use it as a pilot flame as the concern of the wire insulation is no longer valid. 
  3. The wok adaptor ring needs to be on top of the wind guard.   Flame needs to be coming out of this wok adaptor ring around bottom of your wok.   If this wok adaptor ring is not used and the wok tugs the wind guard tightly, the flame will not be able to come out to the top.  The flame will be forced to go downward, which can ignite other thing s underneath and heat up the entire stove.   This is dangerous!  So please always use the wok adaptor ring on top of the wind guard.   We provide the wok adaptor ring as a separate piece as you can turn its flame shielding quarter toward you to protect your hand to be burnt by flame.