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Received the shipment promptly last Friday and have been having a great time daily with the burner.


Hal, New York(PF9L130)

Received the shipment promptly last Friday and have been having a great time daily with the burner.  I haven’t yet tried your stainless wok; I am very fond of my seasoned carbon steel unit and been very pleased to get it to sizzle in a very short time. 

Obviously, I’m pleased with the amount of power.  I recently used the flat insert to boil 1/1/2 gallons of water in an aluminum stock pot.  It took only 6 minutes 15 second to get to a rolling boil.  I’ve searched your web site, and while it provides a plethora of info on every imaginable topic,  I haven’t been able to find a weight limit..  Considering the size of the diameter of the tripod legs, and the basic construction of the unit, do you have a recommended maximum weight for large stock/lobster pots?

Again, thanks for you help and for designing a functional design that meet my needs.  

Our Answer (if any):

We did some tests on your stove.  It should hold up 30lbs well.


As always, thanks for the prompt response.  I’ll share some info regarding the three outside propane burners I now have.  I wanted to compare how long it would take each to heat 6 quarts of 65 degree water in an aluminum stock pot.   The total weight of this pot and water was 14 pounds and be within your recommended 30 pound max, with a 5 pound safety margin, even with the addition of 11 pounds of food

1.  With your 130,000 BTU unit on high it took a mere 6 minters and 15 seconds to reach a full boil.  I’m impressive and happy.

2.  My MasterBuilt 7-1, rated at 45,000 BTUs with the pot on the base and one of the metal circles around it to act as a wind screen, took 12 1/2 minutes to boil. . . quite good I thought considering it has only about 1/3 of the BTUs of your unit. 

3.  On one of the two side burners on my upscale DCS grill, both rated at 17,500 BTUs, it took 22 1/2 minutes!  Although the grill itself is very powerful and I’m pleased with the grilling/rotis results, it does make me question why I paid megadollars for the side burners and their recommended 20″ wok, when there isn’t even enough intense heat to cook real stir-fry in my 14″ carbon steel wok.  

Our Answer (if any):

Very interesting data.  Comparing DCS to Masterbuilt, if everything scales linearly and we assume that the DCS has the right number, then the correct BTU number for Masterbuilt should be 17,500 (BTU/Hr) x 22.5 (Minutes) / 12.5 (Minutes) = 31,500 BTU/Hr.  The ratio from the rated number 45,000 BTU/Hr to this scaled number is 45,000/31,500 = 1.429.

Comparing Masterbuilt to your PF9L130 stove, the scaled BTU number for PF9L130 from Materbuilt rated number is 45,000 (BTU/Hr) x 12.5 (Minutes) / 6.25 (Minutes) = 90,000 BTU/Hr.  The ratio from the rated to this number is 130,000 / 90,000=1.444.

Both numbers are very close.