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Refurnbished wind guard and pilot light.

Customer (Refurbished PF13L160):

We used the stove for the first time yesterday and it was amazing! We have a lot to learn but the first dishes to come out of the wok were surprisingly good. We found an old wok at the house and a big wok in the storage room for our restaurants.
The heat from cooking cracked a few of the welds but the stove works fine. I will keep an eye on the cracks and let you know if it gets worse. No need to replace it at this point.
Is there a secret to keeping the pilot light lit? The pilot flame goes away each time I shut the oven gas off. I tried low, medium and high pressure on the pilot side and it always goes out. You can hear the pilot gas but the flame disappears the minute the oven ring shuts off…


Glad that you were able to find a nice wok.
I believe some of those weld points cracked even before we shipped to you.   We did the repairs and paint.  When we prepared to ship, we noticed those cracks but they did not affect the holdup of the wind guard.  So we just shipped to you.   There should not be a worry because other weld points are strong.
About the pilot,  You would want to hold its flame low during cooking.   Another trick is when you turn off the main burner, turn it off slowly (not in a sudden).   This helps most of the gas inside the burner to be consumed by the main burner and not to create a too much a disturbance to the pilot light.   Also turn the air/fuel mixer wheel more toward the burner can help as well.
Let us know if you have any questions.