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Outdoor wok stove questions.


I’m interested in an outdoor wok stove, and I’m trying to decide which model to buy.  I have a few questions:
  • Would you recommend the electronic ignition or the manual ignition?  Is the electronic ignition reliable?  Would you consider electronic ignition to be safer than manual, or vice versa?
  • Is the 160 KBTU model the latest model and the 130 KBTU an older model?  Is there a reason to choose one over the other?
  • When will the 160 KBTU models be available?
Electronic ignition usually will fail in a couple years or so as the wire ages in an outdoor environment.   It will become intermittent at first.   We can’t guarantee that electronic ignition be reliable to ignite.  We always recommend to have a manual long nose BBQ igniter handy nearby.   Both electronic and manual stoves are safe.
We develop the 160 KBTU stove later than the 130 one.   We would choose the 160 one as it is more powerful and feature rich.
The estimate for 160 KBTU stove availability is June.   We have some pre-orders already.  Those will be fulfilled first.  And we have not decided for their price as we were hit by the imposed tariff.