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Questions on PF13L160EI


Hello, I’m looking to purchase, but have a few questions.

    1) The PF13L160EI, is there any other difference between this and the manual ignition, besides the ignition? Has the electronic ignition gotten better? I read some of ur archived info, and it seems the electric ignition isn’t too reliable, and I think it’s like $50 more!

    2) what PSI is the regulator? 0-?

    3) on the electric and manual, does it now come with the braided hose screwing onto the burner? I do NOT want one that is secured with the tension strap.

    4) do you warranty the burner? If so, for how long?

    Thank you for your time.


  1. the main difference between PF13L160EI and PF13L160 is the electronic ignition. Electronic ignition eventually will fail due to weather and aging of components.  So it eventually will be used as a manual one.   The electronic ignition component is much more expensive and we want to discourage it.
  2. 0-30PSI.
  3. Both stoves have stainless braided hose. However inside it is still a rubber type.  The braided stainless protect the rubber hose from environment.  The PF13L160EI still has one end of the hose secured by worm type clamp.  If you don’t like this, your choice should be PF13L160.  
  4. You can return the product if not used within 60 days of purchase. Once used we support it whole-heartily but without promise.   We reserve our right to serve our customer the best way we see it.   
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Choosing between electronic and manual ignition


I’m excited to purchase one of your wok burners. I’ve done a lot of research and settled on your company.

I was hoping you could help clarify about the electronic ignition. In some of your reader questions and FAQs you mention the electronic ignition can sometimes fail. I was hoping to get a sense of whether it is worth going with the electronic ignition or just using a BBQ lighter with the manual.

I have never used an outdoor BBQ, but I am a passionate cook who has used 25K BTU stoves indoors. I recently moved to a home with outdoor space and am planning to use the powerflamer.

As a beginner, does it make sense to get the electronic start or just use the manual?


We would suggest to go with manual ignition with a long nose BBQ igniter.   In this way you don’t have to deal with the electronic ignition systems that subject to weather.   An electronic ignition head can become unreliable after a couple years.   After that you will default to use a long nose BBQ igniter anyway.

Hope we answer your question.  If not, please ask further. 


This is really helpful! Thanks.

Would that be the PF13L160 if I am going for the highest BTUs and the long legs?

And is that the model you sell on Amazon?

Thanks again!


PF13L160 it is.  We sell this on amazon as well.    You should get a better price + shipping  from our web site.

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Outdoor wok stove questions.


I’m interested in an outdoor wok stove, and I’m trying to decide which model to buy.  I have a few questions:
  • Would you recommend the electronic ignition or the manual ignition?  Is the electronic ignition reliable?  Would you consider electronic ignition to be safer than manual, or vice versa?
  • Is the 160 KBTU model the latest model and the 130 KBTU an older model?  Is there a reason to choose one over the other?
  • When will the 160 KBTU models be available?
Electronic ignition usually will fail in a couple years or so as the wire ages in an outdoor environment.   It will become intermittent at first.   We can’t guarantee that electronic ignition be reliable to ignite.  We always recommend to have a manual long nose BBQ igniter handy nearby.   Both electronic and manual stoves are safe.
We develop the 160 KBTU stove later than the 130 one.   We would choose the 160 one as it is more powerful and feature rich.
The estimate for 160 KBTU stove availability is June.   We have some pre-orders already.  Those will be fulfilled first.  And we have not decided for their price as we were hit by the imposed tariff.