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Any plan to add manual ignition option with 6B burner?


I’d honestly prefer a manual ignition over anything electronic that may fail over time but the redditor’s review on the improvements with the 6B burner vs the 5B has me contemplating on the IEI version. Are there any plans on 6B with manual ignition?


There are a few reasons why we don’t offer manual option on the 6B burner.

  1. 6B burner is not designed to mount a manual valve.
  2. When the electronic ignition fails, the main burner can still be lit by a long nose BBQ igniter.
  3. Without pilot, the main burner can be turned down to minimum flame, thanks to the feature of continuous flame adjustment of our stoves.   This minimum flame, although higher than a pilot flame, should not consume much fuel either.  
  4. Main burner is optimal for blue flame combustion.  This leaves out possible yellow flame issue from any pilot flame. 

In a nutshell, 6B burner can be treated as a manual one after the electronic ignition fails.