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Choosing between electronic and manual ignition


I’m excited to purchase one of your wok burners. I’ve done a lot of research and settled on your company.

I was hoping you could help clarify about the electronic ignition. In some of your reader questions and FAQs you mention the electronic ignition can sometimes fail. I was hoping to get a sense of whether it is worth going with the electronic ignition or just using a BBQ lighter with the manual.

I have never used an outdoor BBQ, but I am a passionate cook who has used 25K BTU stoves indoors. I recently moved to a home with outdoor space and am planning to use the powerflamer.

As a beginner, does it make sense to get the electronic start or just use the manual?


We would suggest to go with manual ignition with a long nose BBQ igniter.   In this way you don’t have to deal with the electronic ignition systems that subject to weather.   An electronic ignition head can become unreliable after a couple years.   After that you will default to use a long nose BBQ igniter anyway.

Hope we answer your question.  If not, please ask further. 


This is really helpful! Thanks.

Would that be the PF13L160 if I am going for the highest BTUs and the long legs?

And is that the model you sell on Amazon?

Thanks again!


PF13L160 it is.  We sell this on amazon as well.    You should get a better price + shipping  from our web site.