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Control comparison between PowerFlamer propane 160 and natural gas stoves


I have a natural gas hook-up on my deck, and I’m wondering if the natural gas unit works as well as the propane model and makes the venturi sound. Also does it come with the pilot light feature and and control knob?


The long handle on the natural gas stove controls the flame from zero to full in a 90-degree turn.  The smaller black handle on the right side controls the pilot light.     For the flame patterns and sounds, you can watch a couple videos to compare – video #11 “PF13LFN160 PowerFlamer Natural Gas Fixed Installation Stove Flame” for natural gas stove and #13 “Introducing PF13L160, a powerful outdoor stir fry stove.” For propane version on this product documentation link

For our propane PowerFlamer stove, the left knob typically needs to make 180-degree from low to high, thus has a bit more granularity in flame control.  PowerFlamer propane 160 stove has better control in low flame setting as well.