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Difference among various natural gas stove products


Hello, I have a natural gas pipe connection available on my back patio. So I am looking at the “PowerFlamer Natural Gas 160” and “EasyFlamer Natural Gas 50” as options. I have two questions: 1) Could you elaborate on what the difference is between getting a Fixed Connection and Quick Connection? 2) What are the primary feature differences between the “PowerFlamer Natural Gas 160” and “EasyFlamer Natural Gas 50” models?

Thanks in advance for all your assistance!


For difference between fixed installation and quick connect, please read

Main difference between PowerFlamer natural gas 160 and EasyFlamer natural gas 50 is in their max power ratings.  Additionally, EasyFlamer stove may have trouble supporting deep bottom wok which we offer an additional wok ring.  


Thank you for answering my questions. I have a few more if you don’t mind.

1) Is the top of the heat guard flush to the top of the two metal feet jutting out on the other side?

2) What is the diameter from the lip of the heat guard to those metal feet? 


1).  They are on the same height.  Any flat bottom cookware >13” can sit on them.

2).  13”