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Difference between PowerFlamer Natural Gas & Propane Gas


Is PowerFlamer Natural Gas 160 the same as the propane EI model, the difference being the power source only?


PowerFlamer natural gas 160 stove is completely different from the propane version and can’t be used with propane fuel.  You need to have a natural gas pipe line connected to your house before the natural gas version makes sense for you. 


Yes I’m aware of the natural gas line hookup requirement…I already have 1. My question is: does this burner function the same as the propane 160 model? 


The PowerFlamer natural gas 160 has the same max heat and continuous flame adjustment as the propane version.  Its low end flame can’t be as granular as the propane version.  Some people like 90 degrees to turn from zero to full power.  The natural gas version has this feature.