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He does not have gas line to his kitchen. What can he do?

He is looking for solution to replace his electric stove top with a gas one (He prefers more power and likes to use round bottom wok).  However, He does not have gas line to his kitchen.  What can he do?

In fact a regular stand alone gas stove, such as a portable butane stove, is what he needs.  If he worries too much that he has to stack up too many butane bottles (indeed he has to), then he may go buy a stand alone Chinese stove, such as those we see from local market.  Remember those stoves come with automatic ignition switch too, a feature he might be looking for.  A few concerns here: he has to make sure that the stove will work with an local tank (the stove may not be designed to use propane gas, for example),  gas consumption (stove efficiency) is acceptable to him, be safe in kitchen since the tank might be just outside of his oven.