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How big hole needed if want to incorporate into an outdoor cooking island?

Question: Hi, you got a very nice website. I’m looking for a HIGH BTU burner for my BBQ island. Regular side burners put out too little BTU. If I try to sit one of your high pressure stoves into the BBQ island, do you have any recommendation for the installation? How big the cutoff should it be? I assume the island is built with bricks/block concrete. Thanks.

Answer: Thank you for praising our web site.  Our product page has dimensions for each product.  For example, our PowerFlamer PF9S weighs about 8lbs, has height of about 13″, leg base diameter of 13″ and wok ring of 9″.  I would suggest to cut a hole of >13″ (for example of 13.9″) such that the legs can go in.  Please also note that the burner sticks out on the side, you want to give room for it.  This burner sticking out area should not be surrounded by your brick or stone since the area provides air for the burner power flame combustion.  

thanks for the information. I’m going to make a cut-off in my BBQ island for this burner. I remember you mentioned that I only need 13.5 inch opening for the burner. Is that going to be enough? I know I need to put the burner high enough so that the back openings in the burner can ‘breath’. Do you know if any other customers had done similar setup with the PowerFlamer?

Although the leg spacing is 13″, I would not suggest a hole of less than 14″ because the burner sticks out.  If you are able to build a hole with bigger diameter at the bottom than the top, that would be perfect and your hole top diameter does not need to be >= 14″.  If you have a hole of >=13.5″, then the PowerFlamer PF9CS windows should have enough room for exhaust, i.e., you can make you hole the same height as the stove.  Let me know if I confuse you.  We do have customers who use our PowerFlamer and EasyFlamer stoves in their built-in BBQ islands. When you complete your project, please send us some pictures of your setup.