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I would also like to use the unit to deep fry a turkey and boil lobster. Is it suitable for this as well (assuming I use the appropriate pot)?

This is a tough one.  Usually frying a turkey is done with a tall pot.  Since our stove wind guard is round (matching to a round bottom wok) without any slippery protection, it is tricky to set a tall pot with full boiled oil to maintain stability (usually backyard is windy).  This is why most of southern deep turkey fry stoves are in low profile to maintain sturdiness.  We do have a PowerFlamer PFS which is low profile.  However no prevention against slippery is a still concern.  With respect to boil lobster, if your pot is not high profile it should be fine.  In summary, maintaining pot stability with our stove is the key if you are not using a round bottom wok. We will think of how to adapt our stove to southern cooking.  Thank you for your questions.