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Improve article – add degrees Celsius next to the Fahrenheit degrees


Hi,  Since the article ( is one of the very few GOOD articles about the two techniques of Stir-Frying, I would like to ask you to also add degrees Celsius next to the Fahrenheit degrees because most of the people work with that.  Please 😉  Tnx and greetings!

Outdoorstirfry:  Thx for pointing this out.  We have updated the article.  Bests.


tnx very much 🙂  Because I’ve written most of the Dutch stir-frying Wikipedia article and being a fan and intrigued by stir-frying since my youth, I’m very happy with the information you give on your website.

It’s very strange how little knowledge people, even professionals, have with stir-frying.

There even was a ‘situation’ when the Chinese President came to the Netherlands to the Rijksmuseum ( during the Nuclear Security Summit held in the Netherlands in 2014 ( and demanded to have his own cooks prepare dinner. However, there was no gas in the kitchen, due to security reasons (fire) and his cooks said they could not stir-fry properly without gas, I even think they demanded propane gas instead of the generally available natural gas in here. And as you know, natural gas is just not good enough for high temperature!

Well, end of story, Xi got his way and right he was 😉

What I would be happy just to be in that kitchen watching the cooks stir-frying!! It’s actually just 300m from my house you know 🙂

Well, thanks again for your modifications and information on your website!