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Inquiries for PF13CL160


Hello, I was interested in the PF13CL160/PF13L160 and had several questions that I hope you can answer.

    – How long is the installation process?

    – Do you have a video of how to put the burner together?

    – How difficult is it to put together?

    – CL version indicates it is configurable to either a tank or a bottle. Is it easily interchangeable between a tank or a bottle?

    – What is the process of switching back and forth?

    – Long Leg Stabilizer (accessory): How is this installed on the long leg? I see the the usage example and it looks very helpful.

    – Pilot Light: I was reading the response in the process of the pilot light. I always understood it as lighting the pilot first and then it powers the burner but is it different for propane gas where we have to light the burner first and then the pilot light?

    – If I was to order both the burner and the stabilizer, is there a discount on shipping?

Thank you for your time and help. I understand ordering is on pause.Take your time in response. I am excited about your product and hope I can place an order soon.  Stay safe.


  1. We provide a user installation when ship. You will just put up the long legs and connect to a tank after the stove arrive.
  2. We provide a user guide in PDF.
  3. Very easy.
  4. There is an adaptor for the 1lb bottle. You will just screw the adaptor into the regulator connector before screwing the 1lb propane bottle on to it.
  5. you unscrew the adaptor out to expose the tank connector.
  6. If you zoom out the bottom of the long legs of the first example picture, the stabilizer is screwed and tighten onto a long leg.
  7. Because the high pressure gas, it is somewhat difficult to set the pilot knob correctly initially. We recommend to light the main burner using a long nose BBQ ignitor first, then adjust the pilot with the main burner on.
  8. We will refund the extra shipping charge after shipping.