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need high btu


Does the PF13L160

  1. does it come with wind guard, the picture shows no wind guard for this model?
  1. can it be used with a standard grill home type propane?
  1. will this 13″ burner fit a 14″ and 18″ wok?


1.        The outer body of this stove PF13L160 is the wind guard plus support to the wok adaptor;

2.       This stove has a regulator that will screw into a 20lb propane tank which is used for household BBQ grill;

3.       You can use 14” to 18” wok on this stove.


is there any advantage of using bottle instead of home type grill propane? If there is i might just get the PF13CL160. If not i will get the PF13L160.

lastly what is the low BTU for these burners?


Usually people use 1lb propane bottle for camping trip.   At home backyard people use 20lb propane tank.  A 20lb propane tank lasts much longer than a 1lb bottle.

This PF13xx160 stove BTU is continuously adjustable, down to zero.