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Only difference between PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 is gas connect method?


Hi there,  Is the only difference between the PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 the gas connect method; quick connect vs. direct?
If so, is everything else identical between on two models (the burner, size, height, etc)?
I don’t understand how there can be a 40k BTU difference in output if the only difference between the models is quick connect vs. fixed.
What size are the black pipe fittings on the stove? They look like1/2″ from the photos.

Our fixed installation stove allows more gas to pass through to the burner.   Both 160K and 120K numbers are our actual measurement data points.   We don’t have more photos than that available from our web site.   Usually fixed installation is for serious customer who need to meet local code requirement by hiring a licensed plumber (~$200/Hr rate) and proper code compliance hose.   For regular home cooking, most people should find 120KBTU one is quite sufficient.   The black pipe on our stove is 1/2″.