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Selling on Amazon?


Hello, I wish I had found your propane wok burners before I got my King Kooker 24WC. That’s a model which is easy to find because it’s on Amazon and marketed widely.

The one thing that’s hard to know ahead of time is that the 54,000 BTU of the King Kooker (and others) sometimes isn’t enough heat. So a larger batch of vegetables will start accumulating vegetable juices at the bottom of the wok since there isn’t enough heat to flash it off.
It seems like your burners are the only ones on the market that deliver enough heat to prevent that.


thx for the advice. We will investigate the possibility.
We have put out 3 products on Amazon. You can find them at Thanks for your advice.


I hope that being on Amazon can increase the awareness of your wok burners. At the moment when I search on “propane wok” it appears on page 3. It takes time to scale a business and if you use internet media effectively (especially social media) people will be able to find your burners. With what’s currently on the market I know that others experience the same thing that I do when stir frying a larger amount of vegetables, i.e. the burner can’t supply enough heat and eventually you wind up with a cup of liquid at the bottom of the wok. Then your vegetables end up tasting boiled and not stir fried.
One of these days I would like to have a high BTU burner (higher than the 54,000 version that I have now). Thanks.